Monday, July 31, 2017

Sean Patrick Maloney on Health Care and Free Speech - Progressive or For Sale?

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Maloney is the U.S. Congressional rep from New York's 18th District in the lower Hudson Valley, serving Orange and parts of Westchester County. He: Opposes Single-Payer/Medicare for all. While he pays lip service to single payer being a great solution, he can't bring himself to co-sponsor bill 676 by Rep. Conyers to bring about a single payer/Medicare for All solution. Is it the fact that Rep. Maloney takes large campaing contributions from Insurance and Big Pharma lobbies that prevent him from doing so?

Supporting Links
Maloney's Big Pharma contributions from Public Citizen. See p. 17 for the $27,950 contribution.
Senator Elizabeth Warren on how Democrats need to get behind Single Payer.

Maloney Supports the Israel Anti-Boycott bill, undermining American's freedom of speech. Americans could go to jail and or be fined for deciding not to do business with Israeli companies as a result of exercising Constitutionally protected speech in their consumer and business decisions. For example, this law Maloney supports would put you in jail if you decided to buy tomatoes from Canada instead of tomatoes from Israel you suspect were from illegal settlements because you don't want to support their illegal occupation of Palestine.

Supporting Links
ACLU on Israel Anti-Boycott - The Bill and its Sponsors

Maloney campaign contributions: note insurance and Israel lobby

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