Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Speaking with the Chancellor on the Budget

Below is my e-mail to the chancellor after our school's budget meeting last month.

Dear Mr. Klein,

I was in "shock and awe" at our last school budget meeting. We are held harmless for over $200,000.00 and are expecting increased austerity for the next two years - all of this in a post-CFE world? It's hard to believe that we are not feeling any of the trickle-down from the CFE money. We need smaller class sizes for our freshman and advisories as a fifth (not sixth) class. Mr. Klein, we want to succeed and demand a chance to do so. ....Can you explain where our share of the CFE money is going, and when we will feel it at the school level?

For great context and analysis, check out Leonie Haimson's comments at:

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