Tuesday, November 06, 2007

School "Progress" Reports: An Excuse to Wreak Havoc

Here are some interesting numbers I was able to crunch out of the Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein's school "progress" reports for NYC schools:

80% of the schools that got an F or D on the progress report were rated "profecient" or better on the quality review.

37% of the schools rated unsatisfactory in the quality reviews got an A or B on the progress report.

10.5% of “proficient” or better schools got an F or D.

This only highlights the unreliable nature of using "improvement in test scores" as the sole measure of a school's performance. With the mayor threatening to fire principals and breakup schools over this it shows just how loose and free-wheeling these guys are.

And what of the children of the failing schools who are doing well? It can only diminish their accomplishments. Where are they going to go when there's no room at the inn? Our school is already at 130% capacity.

The UFT needs to fight the breakup of any more schools. Maybe it's Bloomberg's excuse to wreak more havoc (ala The Shock Doctrine of culture change, brilliantly illustrated in the book of the same name by Naomi Klein- I hope no relation to you know who.). After all, too many of our kids' parents are oblivous. All we have are pundits and the few good parent organizations out there fighting.

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