Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Danielson's Once Size Fits All Rubric and Teaching Impoverished Children

Again another scientific study showing the impact of social deprivation from poverty impacting a child's prospects for success in school and in life. Exposure to 30 million fewer words for poorer kids by age 3!

Over 70 percent of Murry Bergtraum students come from these households. 

But, there's no lever on the Danielson rubric to take this into consideration. No need for reducing class size, no need for increased services. Just whip the teachers harder! More frequent spritzing of learning boards! More observations. Inquiry circles so you can go round and round in an endless cycle of pointless discussions regarding curricular gimmicks like data, differentiation, common core learning standards and workshop model. 

Here's another factor. Do this experiment. Ask your students to raise their hands if they were NEVER hit by their parents. I guarantee you it will usually represent a special minority in your class- most if not all of your best students (academically and/or behaviorally). The lack of verbal communication is usually accompanied by more frequent physical punishment. For a study on it's impact on education see Murray Strauss

I have no information that Charlotte Danielson ever taught a student population like ours. I believe her limited teaching experience was in the suburbs. If anyone has information to the contrary do let me know.

Our students need us to face the truth. They need to work harder because of their upbringing as well as an impoverished educational system. Our parents are not perfect even though they loved us as best they could. I believe this is true across the spectrum. But, the study indicates a clear problem when a simple solution- eliminate the effects of poverty on holding these kids back. Now, we just have to figure out how Pearson, McGraw, and other ed vendors can make money fighting poverty, so politicians and ed bureaucrats will get on board. 


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