Thursday, January 08, 2009

GAZAIf the Truth Matters 

   Read All About It in the Israeli Media…

Because I stand for Israelis' and Palestinians' right to live in peace and prosperity with their neighbors and, becuase, after careful study and long thought, that the occuaption of the West Bank and blockade of Gaza are the two biggest obstacles to such a peace coming to those people, and becaue of my conviction that only non-violent struggle can truly free a people, I am compelled to share with you the following:

Israel Broke the Ceasefire – Not Hamas: see- Haaretz (Israel's newspaper of record): 

You have to read past the headline to the 2nd paragraph which states:

The rocket barrage [from Hamas] came a day after an Israel Air Force strike in the southern Strip killed at least five militants and wounded several others.

or  Guardian U.K. 

and,0,2341094.story LA Times

Which should be no surprise since: Israel Planned Attack Last Spring: see- 

Why would Israel want to do this? Hamas Accepts ’67 Border and Truce Sept. 08.
Thus, recognizing Israel see- or could it be Labor trying to redeem itself before the election for its botched invasion of Lebanon. At this writing Labor and Kadima have gone up in the polls as a result of this attack.

Connecting the Dots- Israel’s invasion is a response to the Palestinian Peace Offensive: See Dr. Norman Finkelstein’s debate with former U.S. Ambassador to Israel at-

We Americans are subsidizing this massacre of Palestinians.
The only way to peace for Palestinians and Israelis is to end the occupation. See what you can do:

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