Friday, February 24, 2012

It is Done... Let the Public Humiliation Begin

Thanks to the NY Times the teacher data reports are available through

The best response to the Times on its decision to publish was this by Matthew Troy-Regier:

"Where is the journalistic integrity? What other statistic with a 35-53% margin of error be published in the NYTimes? Forget about whether or not these results should be released (which is a huge question that the courts seemed to decide), but putting a number that has a margin of error larger than the possible values is absolutely insane. Let alone reports of teachers being rated for students they don't have. The fact that these imprecise numbers are two years old AT BEST only shows that no good information will come from reading them.
This is like a sports reporter saying: We think the Cleveland Cavaliers are a great team because they were good in 2010 [the year the data is from], they had somewhere between 20 and 82 wins [the margin of error on writing scores from the result they actually had], and they have Dwayne Wade on their team with Lebron James [students that aren't actually in the class].
Any sports reporter saying that would be fired immediately. Yet it passes as good journalism in education. This is ridiculous and you should be ashamed."

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