Saturday, February 25, 2012

UFT - What's Next?

UFT Supports Mayoral Control allowing Bloomberg to become virtual dictator 2002
UFT Supports closing of "failing" schools - See p. 1 of your Contract 2005
UFT Supports abolition of seniority transfer - ATR debacle is created 2005
UFT Supports ending rights of teachers to challenge letters in the file - Open season on teachers begins. 2005
UFT Does nothing in response to Klein changing budgeting rules to discriminate against senior "more expensive" teachers...further exacerbating ATR dilemma. 2005
UFT Agrees to participate in Klein fantasy of Teacher Data Reports "experiment" with inevitable blow back, now apparent. 2008

What's Next? UFT adopts teacher evaluation system requiring passing marks on standardized tests/objective measurements approved by the state as a condition of employment? 2012

From the agreement with the state:
"Teachers rated ineffective on student performance based on objective assessments must be rated ineffective overall. Teachers who are developing or ineffective will get assistance and support to improve performance. Teachers who remain ineffective can be removed from classrooms;"

20 percent of your evaluation will be state standardized exams
20 percent will be "objective assessments" negotiated by our union.
That's only 40 percent. But, if your students don't pass muster on this 40 percent, you are history

Check out Leo Casey's blog. He's the best spokesman for the UFT, the only one with his own blog, to see my questions regarding this question about the 20 percent to be negotiated with the city to complete our new evaluation scheme. I post question no. 40 and one later about the 20 percent to be negotiated. (There are two John's so be careful). Weigh in if you so choose. 

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