Monday, February 27, 2012

The Worst Teacher in the City - SHAME ON EVERYONE

The NY Post, predictably, identified whom it crowned "The Worst Teacher in the City" based on these dubious teacher data reports released on Friday 2/24/12 in the NY Times and NY Post. I don't want to cite the article, so as to not spread the vile any farther than necessary. They chose a woman who scored at the bottom of the "value added" data spectrum. They printed her name and school and even put her picture on top of the story.

This reflects the fundamental mean spirit that drives some of this so-called education "reform". My point is simply: Assume for a minute she is the worst teacher in the city. Assume even further that these data reports were accurate.

What business is it to her dry cleaner? What business is it to her fellow parishioners at her church? What business is it to her bus driver? What business is it to her own children's classmates that she has failed as a teacher?!!! Only her supervisors and parents of her students need to know her professional performance. They can replace her without the unnecessary public humiliation. Let her quietly go try another profession or a different educational setting where she may be successful. Her prospective employers can know about the falling out without it being in the newspapers.

I hope this woman has retained an attorney. The UFT should provide one.

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